If Anyone Worships The Beast, He Too Will Drink Of The Wine Of God’s Fury

Assimilate, drink, ripple about as you will,

be that as it may, simply be set up to give up

what you should as there are innumerable rings

a collection of things that may exist just around the curve,

ridiculous tricks, long hops, unlimited drinks for me and you

Be that as it may, the trap of the issue isn’t flown like a banner,

the substance live in this lethargic little sack

Any individual who venerates at dawn may have a tramp

upon a walkway, some cash in the spire, an alcoholic close to the till, meander on, sing your tune to the phantom that may exist in the early morning, a little gap just before the day

At the passageway you will frequently hear it, the talk of a fiendishness outside tongue, still there might be delicate quality in the ponder, affectation in an empty, an underground abandon with no goal to achieve whatever else, frenzy on a guide on a lake, nothing left to long for, your psyche is hapless and clear

In any case, this is not about enthusiasm, on the off chance that it were there may be something senseless to rest

upon the board

There are great out-dated solutions for somebody who is stuck in the mud, a miserable soul seething against the float, carrying on with an existence that is basically obscure

There is no compelling reason to cower toward the wonderful, fabulous stories are probably going to crush you at last

Wandering flying creatures may do much to inspire better approaches for measuring the universe, excellent dreams of what is missing but then to be spread out

Cheerful development, delicate minutes have roused the feelings of shameful, misinformed men, scaling statures to open themselves to a thump and musicality, transient records of a relic at the intersection of a winding street, consecrated leftovers of a previous time, not settled, no place to move underneath

So approach and witness everything that there is to be had

There is haven to be found in arbitrary spots, alone, simply fortuitous event, endeavors not frequently squandered and decimated in a cover that may harm your bone

It exists however few individuals have possessed the capacity to raise it to the rooftop, to give some safe house in a scan for a substantial truth

Be that as it may, don’t fret about something that may never modify your faculties or effect your cerebrum, unique sensation, outward, approaching a picture that is consecrated and unadulterated, false embeds at the support of a superannuated hood

In these conditions you can do much to react in designs that existed some time before the surge, significant articulations tried by the full weight of durable custom, genuine endeavors to overshadow the gravity and length of a last groan, miserable propensities on the cusp of a vestal grain, another tablet on a profoundly astounding strain.

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